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Wolkenreise hits the charts again...
The lawsuit and the results

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Wolkenreise hits the charts again...



2010 - Wolkenreise hits the SWR charts "Top 1000 Of The Year 2010" at number 678.

2011 - Wolkenreise steps up in "Top 1000" 205 spots to number 473. 

2012 -  Wolkenreise jumps up 308 spots to hit number 165.

2013 - Wolkenreise again in first third, this time on 275.

Here's the link to the complete charts of 2012:  SWR Top 1000 (2012)


Eroc was on FEB 24th, 2009 guest in the WDR show "Musicclub". Topic: the art of mastering and remastering.

Here a complete recording of the (German) show:  WDR 2 - Musikclub 2009-02-24

       EROC – the former drummer of
          Grobschnitt and solo-artist





      1975  -  1976  -   1979  -  1982  -  1987


Eroc (Joachim H. Ehrig) was born on Nov. 15th, 1951 in Weimar / Thuringia. By end of 1954 he moved with his parents to Oberhausen (Ruhr Valley) and in 1961 to Hagen in Westfalia. There he founded in 1966 his student band The Crew, painting the town of Hagen and beyond during the following years. From this outrage gang which truly can be named the first Punk band, in 1971 Grobschnitt came into being, where Eroc played (not only) drums until 1983. Besides he forced his foible for electronic gear and recording-technology, later becoming most important for The Crew and Grobschnitt and leading in 1975 to a solo-career, when he started doing complete productions by using playback-methods. Until 1986 he recorded five albums, being released by Metronome / Brain on Vinyl and later on CD. From his third LP "Eroc 3" (1979) his greatest hit "Wolkenreise" (Journey Of Clouds) was released millionfold and is heard throughout the decades on radio and TV up to the day, ringing in everyone's ear (not only) in Germany.











   Listen here:
Wolkenreise" by Eroc...


When will Eroc’s solo-productions be released perfectly remastered on CD? – This question reached us again and again for so many years. Apart from illegal bootlegs by e.g. Germanophon, which were sloppy copied from crackling vinyl, most of Eroc’s own creativity was taboo for the friends of the digital super-sound. This lead into the abnormal situation that critics like e.g. the outstanding review of Eroc 1 by Julian Cope from October 20th, 2002, to be found on his website

had to originate from such weird sources, which the reviewer himself regrets a lot, wishing from his heart to get the music in better quality. His wish and those of thousands of other fans became reality during 2005 and 2006:


Finally all of Eroc’s solo-albums now are available on CD: 

Eroc Cover

Eroc Cover
Eroc CD3

Eroc 4

Eroc 5

Each CD is carefully remastered from the original tapes,
contains a bilingual booklet (English / German)
and is available hand signed by the artist

only here:


 For MP-3 examples from all CDs check out Sounds


From the Hagen newspaper, issue 2005-12-17: 

Hagener Presse




Released by Universal on May 25th, 2012

Digital remastered for ultimate sound quality





































01     Wolkenreise            04:32    

02     Sonntagsfahrt          03:33

03     Wolkenreise ’88        03:50

04     Changing Skies         04:32

05     Wolkenreise ’98        04:27

06     Space Shuffle           04:10

07     Wolkenträume          03:43

08     Nachtfahrt                04:18

09     Vogelfrei                  03:54

10     Fantastico                03:50

11     Zimperlein                03:39

12     La Stampa                03:44 

13     Seitenwind                02:58

14     Javea                       04:30

15     Hundertwasser          02:31

16     Zauberwald               03:45





17     Radio Puschkino Reloaded      04:36

18     The Sugar Pie Soundtrack       04:18

19     Wolkenreise ‘98 / Radio Edit   03:40

20     Wolkenreise / Radio Edit        03:40            


Total Time: 79:10




Check out trailer for the album here:  Video Wolkenreise 


Bill Boyd from AFN Bremerhaven



The lawsuit and the results


Why were the Eroc albums not available on CD up to this day?

For more than five years Eroc fought a lawsuit against Universal Music, the current owner of Metronome and Polydor. He challenged the position that the record company could release his LP’s on the new media of CD without first re-negotiating the original contracts – which had been drafted with specific restrictions to vinyl.  In 1998 Universal, believing it could, went ahead and released CD’s from the old albums without even informing Eroc about that. Thus Eroc was forced to initiate a legal proceeding.

Although Eroc won the first two instances at the Berlin Regional Court and the Berlin Court of Appeal, Universal pushed the case up to the German Federal High Court. Then, in an act without equal in the history of the justice system, the courts and music industry colluded to ‘retroactively’ change the law. In spite of it all, Eroc – in a battle resembling a modern day David vs. Goliath – stood tall against dark forces in a wicked game, and in April 2004 a final decision was announced: Eroc’s suit was rejected due to a “re-work” in the Author’s Law. The music industry string pullers had achieved their desired goal. Thus Universal was in the clear and Eroc also had now to fork up the cash for the whole endeavor(!).

It was a complete departure from the law and truer to a banana republic proceeding than one in a modern German state: while a case is kept sleeping in a drawer somewhere in some judge’s filing cabinet at the High Court for two years, a scramble is taking place behind the scenes to change the crucial paragraph needed to expand the range of record industry rights to own an artist. When the dust finally settled the lawsuit no longer had any relevance. The dangerous precedents were successfully blocked. Precedents, which would have rocked the industry to its foundation: Eroc’s case would have opened the flood-gates for many other artists to come knocking. Simply stated: it would have been a coup de tat for artists and a nightmare for the music industry.

Finally, neither the German Federal High Court - which on the one hand claimed to be „surprised“ about the law’s rework yet on the other hand justified its decision on the fiction that Eroc is not the author of his own works of art, nor the Berlin Court of Appeal - which rejected Eroc’s principal witness prior to issuing their final decision on the basis of being „too late“, nor the German Federal Constitutional Court - which wiped Eroc’s complaint off their desks with the tepid arguments „elapsed periods” and “no further public interest”, saw the justification for further action due to the unbelievable procedures described above. This shows one more time, how the German courts interpret the term “constitutional state” ad absurdum by means of lack of interest and incompetence.