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Remixes of Wolkenreise



Remixes of Wolkenreise


From than 20 existing remixes of „Wolkenreise“ the CD EROC 3 contains these tracks:

Feuerwolken (Fiery Clouds)  (4’41) – by Eroc himself, style: Dance

Journey Of The Clouds (3:39) – by Ginko Garden aka Eddy F. Müller, style: Ambient

Wolkenträume (Cloudy Dreams) (3:42) – by Yomano aka Volker „Mist“ Kahrs, former keyboardist of Grobschnitt, style: Trance

Signs In The Sky (4:08) – by Bubi Hönig, guitarist of Extrabreit and Green, style: Fusion Rock

Chilly Clouds (4:23) – by Charly McLion, electronic’s specialist from Aachen, style: Chill Out

Bad Girl (2:46) – by Mario Gericke, former Dun Es Tak, today Potentia Animi, style: Thrash