Louie The Bear

"Our technician is Louie The Bear Ruhs" - this was heard almost daily from 1962 to 1970 on Radio CAE. Ludwig "Louie" Ruhs was like "Texas" Heinz Gunnesson, Heinz Strauch and Friedhelm Ostermann one of the German technicians of the station.

Responsible for tape-recorders, turntables and a million other things, he cared especially about the Canadians themselves. A journey into the great wide open or to cultural attractions, a trip through the bars of the bigger cities or to a football match - "The Bear" always had time and space for everyone in his car. His nickname he got from the soldiers, because he played in sports with nearly every one of them against the wall. For example, DJ Larry Harding, with whom he swam once across the Möhne See. Larry gave up in the middle of the lake and was helped into somebody's boat. "Louie The Bear" made it easily to the other side.

As a living encyclopedia Louie remembers quite well many members of the staff and their jobs. The transmitter, for instance, was warmed up every morning by the cleaning-lady, Mrs. Haupthoff, in order to be ready for air time, before she had to shake the duty announcer for the first show ("Dawn Patrol") out of his bed now and then. Of course they all were one big family, and common recreation activities were normal. A nice memory is also his medal from the "Keechee Pimpatawin", something like a Canadian walking tour, a cross-country walk once a year from Werl, over the hills to Hemer and back again. Some of the participants gave up in the last few miles and called a taxi. "The Bear" and other well trained guys always succeeded in the whole distance, where a good provision from some substantial bottles may have played an important part.

Sometimes Radio CAE was visited by teams from the "big brothers" of German radio and TV. And with the proverbial hospitality of the Canadians, those colleagues usually took a bit more time for their reports. That, of course, was very useful for the reputation of the Canadian Army in the German public.


Ludwig Ruhs today lives with his wife Anneliese south of Werl, right between the old city and the hills of the "Haarstrang". He can see from his window where Fort Victoria and Radio CAE were once located. A little sentimental he remembers that good old days, when he used to ride with his bike to the station and back at night.

Today he is still in touch with "Texas" Heinz Gunnesson and Ted Wood. In his collection there are many newspaper clippings, photos, tapes and other things to be found, which he gladly left to us for evaluation. With his help too, the original construction plan of the station building can be seen once more on this website. Louie reports that the British, who took over Fort Victoria in 1971, were far away from that friendly/loose behaviour of the Canadians. For example, they wouldn't allow him to enter the area and the station building again, where he had worked and been "at home" for such a long time.

Louie The BearWith the cooperation of our CAE-research-team, major parts of the past come alive again for him and he hopes, along with us, to discover more details and facts soon, which can complete more and more the mosaic of the "Great Little Station"..

Picture: (Ludwig und Anneliese Ruhs, December 2001 in Werl