EROC - former drummer of Grobschnitt and solo-artist


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Joachim H. Ehrig ("Eroc") was born on November 15, 1951 in Weimar / Thuringia. At the end of 1955 he moved with his parents to Oberhausen, 1961 to Hagen in Westphalia. There he founded his school band The Crew in 1966, which made the area in and around Hagen unsafe in the following years. From this wild, scandalous gang, which can confidently be called the first Punk band, Grobschnitt was formed in 1971, where Eroc served (not only) the drums until 1983.

At the same time, he pushed his penchant for electronic equipment and sound recording, which would later become very important for the crew and Grobschnitt and lead to his solo career in 1975, making entire productions entirely in playback. Until 1986, he produced five albums, which were released by Metronome / Brain on vinyl and later on CD.

From his third LP "Eroc 3" (1979) comes his best-known hit, the instrumental piece Wolkenreise, which can be heard millions of times released on radio and television to this day and sounds in the ears of almost everyone (not only) in Germany.



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