Wolkenreise by Eroc


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Listen here:

Die Wolkenreise von Eroc... (Link muss noch angepasst werden

When will Eroc’s solo-productions be released perfectly remastered on CD? –

This question reached us again and again for so many years. Apart from illegal bootlegs by e.g. Germanophon, which were sloppy copied from crackling vinyl, most of Eroc’s own creativity was taboo for the friends of the digital super-sound.

This lead into the abnormal situation that critics like e.g. the outstanding review of Eroc 1 by Julian Cope from October 20th, 2002, to be found on his website


had to originate from such weird sources, which the reviewer himself regrets a lot, wishing from his heart to get the music in better quality. His wish and those of thousands of other fans became reality during 2005 and 2006.



Released by Universal on May 25th, 2012
Digital remastered for ultimate sound quality: 


Wolkenreise 2


Eroc - Wolkenreise II


01 Wolkenreise 04:32
02 Sonntagsfahrt 03:33
03 Wolkenreise’88 03:50
04 Changing Skies 04:32
05 Wolkenreise’98 04:27
06 Space Shuffle 04:10
07 Wolkenträume 03:43
08 Nachtfahrt 04:18
09 Vogelfrei 03:54
10 Fantastico 03:50
11 Zimperlein 03:39
12 La Stampa 03:44
13 Seitenwind 02:58
14 Javea 04:30
15 Hundertwasser 02:31
16 Zauberwald 03:45


17 Radio Puschkino Reloaded 04:36
18 The Sugar Pie Soundtrack 04:18
19 Wolkenreise’98 / Radio Edit 03:40
20 Wolkenreise / Radio Edit 03:40

Total Time: 79:10

Check out trailer for the album here: Video Wolkenreise (Link muss angepasst werden)

For MP-3 examples from all CDs check out: Sounds


From the Hagen newspaper, issue 2005-12-17:

Eroc Zeitung

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